Monday, September 15, 2008


Yes! I figured it out...I was about to post another video regarding my work and a recent trip but I definitely wanted this one to be the first. It's from one of my favorite movies ever, and my first tape. Yes I did say tape, I was about three when this movie came out ( damn I didn't want to give away my age at such an early posting-stage...) my family and I were in Rome and legend has it I had to be pulled out of my seat at the end of it because I wanted to stay and watch it again. When my three-year-old strength failed me and I was being dragged out, I caught onto some wall. Tantrum followed. We all stayed. Haha. Things were crystal clear back then, yet somehow it still took me another 15 years to come out of the closet.

My first entry

I had been considering having a blog for quite a while now, I just couldn't decide what it'd be about. I couldn't even decide whether it'd be in English or Spanish. You see, sometimes a thought will come in either one of them, so don't be surprised if I might switch back and forth (of course that's only if I actually get to have some readers...).
Anyway, back to the dilemma of the "blog theme", I just figured out it'd be about all of my interests, nothing specific, just fashion, music, art, life, animal rights, and most important, things I dislike. Hopefully it'll flourish into something cool enough to equal (or dare I say eliminate?) my addiction to constantly updating my status on Facebook.
Here it goes.