Monday, April 6, 2009


I've been kind of stressed out lately with a lot of work. I had a very long day last Friday. Among other things I had to finish sketching a small collection for an alpaca company here in Lima. I had been shut up in my office all day, well, except for the occasional green tea at Starbucks. My iTunes playlist was on shuffle, and As Time Goes By came on, and out of the three versions I have, the original one from Casablanca was playing.
I couldn't help but grab a mannequin and start gliding across my studio, pretending to be dancing like in those Old Hollywood movies. I then decided I had to register it all, so I set my camera on self-timer and voilĂ ! I'll probably publish the visual testament to this moment soon.
I hold Casablanca as one of my favorite movies, as I assume a bunch of people do. I practically know all the lines by heart. I probably watched it for the first time when I was seven and loved it ever since.
Here are two clips of from the movie. The first one, inspired my dancing. The second one has to be my favorite scene from the whole movie. It is just SO emotional, it's hard not to be moved by it. Tears. Enjoy.