Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So, winter's practically here, though it was kind of sunny today.  That didn't make much of a difference for me because I'm awfully ill and shut up at home.  This must be karma for being so dramatic with past colds and pretending to be Violetta Valéry or Evita on her deathbed, 'cause this time I'm SERIOUSLY feeling it.  My whole body aches, I'm extremely tired and even typing seems like an epic quest.
I was thinking about Piaf's bilingual version of Autumn Leaves a little while ago and then I ran into two other versions I liked a lot as well (though hers remains my favorite).  The first one is by Yves Montand and it's a tiny clip from a movie, I had never seen him this young and I must say he was quite attractive (the beauty within youth...once again).

The other version is by my new favorite: Juliette Gréco.  Though I had heard about her  before, it wasn't until recently when I came across her while researching for a past collection, that I began to look more into her music.  She sings the original version and the lyrics are just amazing.  I love how these types of songs are powerful enough to set you in a particular mood.   I love her whole look in the video too.

So here they go:

And then of course, I have to include hers: