Sunday, January 25, 2009

SHUT UP know the rest.

Well you would know the rest if you grew up in the 90's. And if you had a taste for dance music. And odd videos. And very gay performers. Even though you were still in the closet. Oops.
I was remembering how I had a huge crush on one of my professors while I was in design school. I was absolutely infatuated with him, I was such a sad case. I had just come out of the closet and this man had become the embodiment of gay perfection (according to my 18 year-old brain). He was good looking, dressed nicely, had good taste, shared common interests, etc. etc. I had had no idea of how I was to make my move, no idea at all. My fear of rejection was just too big (well, things haven't changed much really...). I remember I asked a friend from that same school (who's become one of my closest friends) what I should do. She said she had noticed he also had an interest in me (she said it was pretty obvious because of the way he behaved during class), so she suggested something. She said : "Listen Roger, I've got this single, it's just PERFECT. I'll give it to you and then you can give it to him as a gift and it'll send the message right across. DONE!!" I thought it was a pretty cute idea, then I asked her what the single was and she answered "Closer, by Nine Inch Nails" and went along and described the chorus. Poor girl, she was probaly sick of having to deal with my indecision every day.
Of course I never did that and of course I never got any further with my intentions regarding the 17-years-my-senior guy of my dreams. Well, not right then, it actually did get way further after I was done with school.
Anyway, going back to the cd-gift, I should have considered this song instead. Enjoy.


I can't believe I'm actually writing an entry about this, but I have this desperate need to have something sweet right NOW. It wouldn't be anything unusual except for the fact that I'm on a strict diet to try and shed off a few extra pounds that torture me day and night. It is a especially strict diet because I got a knee injury that keeps me from running, cycling or doing any other exercises that would help me burn what I want to get rid off in a much more fun way. My bikram yoga classes (which I only got to go to three) have been put to a halt until my teachers finish setting up a new place, so I'm fucked. Aarrrgh!!
Going back to my eternal craving for sweets, I swear I'm having visions. Pretty much like these:

But then if I do eat some sort of chocolate, dessert, ice-cream or whatever soothes my craving, I'll have the biggest guilt-trip afterwards. I'm beginning to wonder how mentally healthy this whole deal is because I've had nightmares where I dreamt I broke my diet by eating sweets or an extra dose of carbs. Waking up was the greatest relief.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Your daily/weekly/monthly dose of : DRAMA

I don't know how many people share this feeling, but sometimes, like this morning for example, I just feel the need to be absolutely silly and have a dose of feigned drama involving a certain song. Not necessarily sad, it could be a happy song. I guess this goes along with my recent thoughts of what my life as a musical would be.

OK, this has to be the gayest thing I've posted up to now.

Anyway, I was in the mood for some of that singing, exaggerated gestures and face-making that goes along with this type of moment and scrolling down my playlists (don't worry, I don't have a playlist titled DRAMA) I found a song I've liked forever, ok, not forever, but since I was ten.
It's "Les Hommes Qui Passent" by Patricia Kaas. It was a song I immediately loved, especially because of her emotion-infused performance and the fact that she was (and still is) absolutely beautiful. I couldn't find the video of the first performance I saw but here's a pretty good one from a live perfomance in 1990.
And below that one, for a total mood change, I've posted a video that surely illustrates what I'm talking about regarding doses of feigned drama, one of my favorite scenes in a Cate Blanchett movie.

I actually used this song as part of a sountrack to one of my shows.

Friday, January 2, 2009

...more pics

Here are some more pics from the collection.
Hope you like them.


It's been a month!! Bad blogger, bad. I definitely need to increase the frequency of my posts....
OK. I haven't shown any of my work up to now, but a special date has come across and I think it's the perfect chance to do so and get away with a little personal homage I've had in mind for a while.
December 27 was the first year anniversary of Benazir Bhutto's tragic death. She was the starting point for my latest collection. I took elements of her personal style mixed with details of muslim women's traditional wardrobe and, to lighten it up a bit, a little Bollywood too (main reference : the Jimmy Ajja part of the 80's movie Disco Dancer). Oh yes, 80's elements too.
I was able to take this collection and show at the September edition of the Salon du Prêt-à-Porter this year where I got great reviews. This collection was also nominated for the Collection of the Year category by Peru's leading newspaper, El Comercio, in it's Best of 2008 survey.