Sunday, January 25, 2009


I can't believe I'm actually writing an entry about this, but I have this desperate need to have something sweet right NOW. It wouldn't be anything unusual except for the fact that I'm on a strict diet to try and shed off a few extra pounds that torture me day and night. It is a especially strict diet because I got a knee injury that keeps me from running, cycling or doing any other exercises that would help me burn what I want to get rid off in a much more fun way. My bikram yoga classes (which I only got to go to three) have been put to a halt until my teachers finish setting up a new place, so I'm fucked. Aarrrgh!!
Going back to my eternal craving for sweets, I swear I'm having visions. Pretty much like these:

But then if I do eat some sort of chocolate, dessert, ice-cream or whatever soothes my craving, I'll have the biggest guilt-trip afterwards. I'm beginning to wonder how mentally healthy this whole deal is because I've had nightmares where I dreamt I broke my diet by eating sweets or an extra dose of carbs. Waking up was the greatest relief.

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