Saturday, March 6, 2010


I have officially started out a new blog in Spanish as of today. I had been thinking about it for a while but I just didn't have the time nor had I come up with a name I found to be sufficiently humorous and precise. In the end, I followed a friend's advice and named it ME MUEROU. Though the correct way of writing this expression would be "me muero" (literally meaning "i'm dying" but used in Spanish as and expression of shock like "NO WAY!" or "OH MY GOD!"), I decided to add the extra "u" at the end just to give it the intonation a native English speaker would produce when saying the word. I actually use it that way, mockingly, on a daily basis.
Anyway, my post on my twin blog was regarding the publishing of my first article. Not that I intend to become a journalist (nor that the actual article is impressive enough to make anyone believe that for a second), but I was very happy to have been asked by Peru's leading newspaper's magazine, SOMOS, to cast my opinion on Lady GaGa, her style and her unavoidable comparison to Madonna. It was short and concise (and a bit of it was edited too), but I guess it's somewhat "reassuring" to have the local press choose me to give my opinion on the matter. I guess all this PDML (Public Display of Madonna Love) has been finally rewarding.
The coolest thing was that when I was asked to do this, my point of view was to be included only as a point of reference throughout the main article, I was only to be quoted regarding certain aspects of Lady GaGa's fashion and her similarities with Madonna, but then I got an e-mail saying they had really liked what I had written and that they were going to include it as a special feature in the spread.
Here's the link to my new blog and my first post :