Sunday, November 30, 2008


I can't believe I just found out that Laura Branigan died FOUR years ago. I had absolutely no idea and I am quite shocked.
It's really sad, especially considering she was only 47. The first song I ever heard by Laura Branigan was her version of "Gloria" for Flashdance (even though I never understood why it wasn't included in the soundtrack) and then of course came "Imagination" which had just an incredible sound and was the background music for one of the most artistic shows performed by Alex during the movie.
I just found out about it while youtubing some of her videos, I was quite curious about the one for "Self Control" because I had never seen it before (remember, I used to live in a communist country in the 80's). I love how videos in the 80's were so artsy.
Regarding her looks, I'm not a fan of her wardrobe, but I think she had a beautiful face, incredible angles, typical of that era. Like the brunette version of Kim Wilde. Perhaps it would have been cool to see them perform together.


Anonymous said...

Wow, tambien estoy en shock! No sabia que habia muerto tan joven, y la verdad que no habia pensado en ella desde los 80's, pero el video tiene ese encanto y misterio que tenian los video de entonces, probablemente porque era tan joven que no entendia nada. Ahora que lo veo puedo pensar en mil cosas, no te hace acorda un poco a Eyes Wide Shut?
Die Irenen

rlm said...

Un poco, no? Es bien creepy yet intriguing el tipo de la máscara.