Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'm in the middle of an inspiration block. I have a bunch of projects for this week including the re-vamping of a bank's current corporate image (just for the actually counter employees), a small collection for an alpaca company that wants to do a sort of joint venture and a very special client for a very special dress.
Number one is almost done, number 2 is on its way and number three has become the most difficult one up to now. I'm designing a dress for a local actress who will be travelling to the Málaga Film Festival in Spain in a couple of weeks, where the opening movie will be the one she acted in.
I loved the idea from the minute a photographer-friend-in-common suggested it and I've had a zillion dresses come to mind since then, but just now, as I've been putting them down on paper, I just can't seem to get to the "right" one. I guess part of all this doubting throughout my design process comes from the fact that I haven't met her yet ( I will do so tomorrow afternoon) and that maybe that's why I've been going all over the place.
I've been taking an excessive amount of breaks (including this one) from my sketching blaming it on a block. Natually, Madonna interfered (although I'm still mad at her for wearing all that fur lately) and I couldn't help but think of the opening lyrics for "Into The Groove". I'll try it right now, and see if it works. I've come up with a selection of songs by different artists and different genres (although most of it is very Pop).
Once again, as I was making my selection, I came across the video for one of my favorite songs from Summer of '96. It is a collaboration between Gypsy Kings and Ishtar of the group Alabina. I had never seen the video and even though I had seen pictures of her before, I'm quite captivated by her beauty. Here it goes. Join me in the dance, ha!

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