Friday, June 26, 2009


It's quite unfortunate that the reason why I am coming back to my blog after such a long time is, once again, the news of death.
Yesterday was very shocking. First, the death of Farrah Fawcett and then later during the afternoon, the news of Michael Jackson's sudden departure.
I was very sad when I read about Farrah. I have to be honest and admit I did not grow up watching Charlie's Angels nor was I a fan of hers during the 80's. I was, however, aware of who she was and attracted to her beauty and pop culture icon status. I know I'm actually not acknowledging any of her acting as part of her admirable qualities, I didn't think she was a bad actress (I actually thought she was great in Dr. T And The Women), but her importance lies within the two last aspects I mentioned before : she represents our society's fascination with beauty and the power that comes with it.
Regarding Michael's death, well now, it was just so unexpected. That came like a hard blow. I had been a fan of his when I was a kid. I remember trying to dress like him in the Beat It video (second outfit just in case...) and asking my mom for a black sequined jacket when I was in second grade, like the one he had worn a few years before in his legendary live performance of Billie Jean. Even though Madonna was already my number one infatuation, I guess this meant I was a fan. However, during the late 90's my interest in him waned, but my admiration for his talent never ceased.
It is sad. Very sad. Like the end of an era. A part of our lives gone, no matter how cliché and cheesy that might sound. I was not ready to watch him go yet. Of course you never want you lifetime icons to go, you naïvely expect them to be there forever, but what I mean is that I was still waiting for his comeback. I was thrilled to learn the tickets for his shows in London had sold out (a friend of mine was lucky enough to score one of them), and especially because I was happy to see these 750,000 (according to BBC) tickets were proof that there were many people who still saw beyond the scandal, the unfair treatment from the media and the controversy surrounding his personal life.
I was happy to see that, just like we were fascinated with Farrah's beauty, we could still appreciate talent, genius, and overall, being genuine and one of a kind.
Last night, I went dancing. Lots of Michael Jackson's songs were played. I asked the DJ for Tavares' Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel, just so we could remember the two of them on the dancefloor. It made my night. Though it was rather impossible to feather my short hair and my limited talent for coordination didn't let me moonwalk, I totally danced the night away.

Here's Farrah Fawcett, alongside Raquel Welch, in one of her first movie appearances :

During The Virgin Tour, Madonna did this wonderful bit of Billie Jean right in the middle of her performance of Like A Virgin. This is one of the images that came across my mind yesterday. Reading her personal statement on Michael's death killed me.

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