Monday, May 31, 2010


Though this may sound a bit obsessive, I've been taking a look at different performances by Sinéad O'Connor during creative breaks throughout the day (which, on a side note, has probably been very un-productive regardless of all the massive amounts of work I need to get done).
I found a video of the day she appeared at the Bob Dylan Tribute the same year of her scandal. I don't think we'll ever know how it must feel to receive such a mixed response from the audience but unfortunately dominantly negative. How can you deal with so much hate towards you? We've all had our shares of negative energy being directed towards us, but rarely this loud and massive. What I salute (my word of the day here) is how she managed to stand with her head held high, expecting her audience to be civil enough to allow her to sing a song in honor of Bob Dylan and yet when she realizes signs of hatred will not cease, she cancels her intended performance in order to quote Bob Marley's WAR lyrics, demonstrating how relevant they are once again.
Here's the clip from that day:

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