Sunday, August 15, 2010


"Because she's a non-conformist"
BLESS the girl who I'm quoting, whomever she may be. It's a phrase my best friend and I always go back to and that makes us giggle at first to then eventually break up into MAD laughter when we realize how silly we can be when it comes to our love for the one and only Queen of Pop.
The phrase comes from a teenager outside a Madonna performance in the 80's, most probably at a Virgin Tour concert, when asked by a news reporter WHY she loves Madonna. I've been asked that question myself and I haven't been able to answer it without going into an endless list of reasons which actually don't manage to express what it feels like for a fan.
It will be Madonna's birthday in about two minutes , and I could begin posting thousands of quotes, videos, pictures, etc. in order to celebrate, but this time I will limit my posting to two pieces.
Number one: a picture of myself and my newly acquired Interview magazine (brought to me by a dear friend) where she looks absolutely fantastic.

Number two: a video of Madonna at MTV'S New Music Seminar in 1984.
I love this video. There's no dancing, no singing, none of her usual physical abilities are exposed, but what we manage to see is one of Madonna's greatest talents: her vision. PLEASE watch, at least until the 1:26 mark, and OBSERVE how this newcomer gives the established artists of the time a huge lesson. I recently watched it for the nth time and I could not help but cheer, jump and clap. It makes me smile.
It makes me proud to be a fan.



miracle said...

Love it

Ronald said...

post number 1: ¿seguidores de la malvada de Catalina Creel, de la novela Cuna de Lobos?, jiji. Me imagino q' se debe de sentir extremely happy, como se hubiera sentido el personaje de Angel, al encontrar por fin la flor de los 7 colores:)
post number 2: pucha, 'ta q' mi listening sucks, I couldn't understand exactly what she'd said, pity:(

rlm said...

1.Debo confesar que no estaba familiarizado con ese personaje y tuve que googlearlo para entender el chiste!
2.AquĆ­ la transcripciĆ³n de lo que dicen en ese momento:
JOHN OATES: I sort of resent the fact that a kid grows up listening to the radio, to the great legacy of music that we have, and dreams about playing the guitar, about playing the drums and ALL OF A SUDDEN HAS TO BE AN ACTOR. To me that makes absolutely no sense at all, if SOMEONE wants to be, then that's great but as far as I'm concerned, I always wanted to be a musician, and to me that's still my purpose...
MADONNA: Yeah, but listen, when you perform onstage YOU ARE ACTING. I mean that's a PERFORMANCE. IF SOMEONE PUTS A CAMERA ON YOU THEN WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? (Laughs) You're acting right now!