Friday, August 21, 2009


If the title of this post rings a bell (as I hope it will to most of you) it's because I'm trying to keep my cool by "Mary-Poppinizing" my actual state of mind. I just got back from a long night out, very diverse and very fun.
First out to watch the local mis-en-scène of La Traviata (I might comment on that later but I'd rather you check out my friend's opera blog and his critique at, then dinner at my favorite restaurant with my mother, then drinks with some friends (at this same restaurant's bar) and then to the local club : not precisely the coolest place on the planet.
Just so that you get the picture, two friends of mine told me my outfit was just too nice for that place (one actually said "classy", very cute of him) and that I didn't belong there tonight. I made an effort to stay, a whole group of friends were there, and even though I really have a hard time at ignoring things I dislike (such as the awful music on the loudspeakers) I was enjoying myself because I was surrounded by people I care for.
All of a sudden, the club got some sort of notice that it had to be shut down immediately (*). People rushed to the coat check and it was chaos. I was lucky enough to be one of the first ones at the counter and managed to get my jacket pretty quick.
As I walked past the huge line of people pushing their way towards the coat check I couldn't help but to show a smile that denoted triumph over everyone else. Unfortunately this smile would then dissolve on my way out of the club when I realized I lost my cell phone. I had kept it with me all night, been careful enough no to leave it inside my jacket, but at some point I just lost it, probably when I ordered a bottle of water at the bar (after giving the bartender a look of despise when he said he had no diet soft drinks at ALL, to which I responded " Is this a GAY BAR or NOT????!!!").
Anyway, the point of this post was that, once again, I think there is a song for every situation. I've already mentioned I have pictured my life as a musical many a time, and I guess tonight's events have lead to me singing the following song out of the blue just before going to bed, here it goes.

(*) It was impossible not to make a cinematic reference when we were forced out of the club. I couldn't help but remember the post-Marseillese scene in Casablanca when Rick's café gets shut down.

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