Monday, October 12, 2009


I should probably be reviewing some of the things I still have pending for an upcoming show at the end of the month (, but I've taken a little break, as usual. I've been searching for music for this show, and I haven't found anything that I'd consider the perfect fit up to now. I've created a playlist on my iPod with all the possible candidates and I listen to it every single day. Hopefully I'll make up my mind on time.
While I was searching for songs, I started downloading some old French songs I liked, some classics like "Et Si Tu N'Existais Pas" and then some pop songs from the 80's-90's like "C'est La Ouate", which I had not heard since I left Montevideo. When I decided to search for the video for this last song, I came across a song I had never heard before. I can't quite recall why I decided to open this link in particular out of all the "RELATED VIDEOS" list on youtube. WAIT. I just did. It was because of the name of the song: "ÉTIENNE". I've always loved that name for some reason, and I remember always mistaking it for a girl's name when I studied French back in high school. Anyway, I am SO grateful to have found this song. Not only is it on repeat as I write, but it also has an UH-mazing video with some really fabulous art direction. The singer and co-author, Guesch Patti (, manages to create a truly captivating performance. I'm stuck on it. She's great, and I'm really surprised I had not heard of her before.
Once again, I have made a video from 1987 my new obsession. I'm beginning to think there is a strange connection with that specific year.
Here it goes, enjoy.

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