Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A tie, a scarf, a pin.  Anything goes to show your support.
Here's an interesting link :
(I'm also wearing purple corduroy jeans just in case you were wondering).


Yllsa said...

I really don't see how wearing purple helps anyone. If you want to raise awareness, have a conversation, not an outfit.

bachi said...

Are you kidding me? It's an statement, something that's being done worldwide about the events, i am sure you have at least heard about, that are going on today; that is, wearing purple in memoriam of those who commit suicide in recent weeks after being bullied and taunted for being a homosexual or were percieved to be, and also to stand up against homophobia as a whole.

For you maybe it wont help, but for many others it does, for those kids afraid to come out, this helps. They feel less alone and that at the end there is hope and everything will be OK and it will get better!!


Milagros La Marquise said...

Not wearing it will most certainly not raise awareness either.To begin with I don't see how it can hurt...I'm with Alia and the outfit can actually lead to the conversation you propose