Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've been looking forward to tonight's Academy Awards ceremony with a more-than-usual excitement for some reason. Maybe it's because this year I'm getting together with a group of friends to watch the whole thing from the start, from the pre-show, so we can check out all the outfits worn by tonight's guests.
One aspect that I am really looking forward to is the fact that Anne Hathaway and James Franco (also nominated for best actor in a leading role) will be hosting this year's show. I love both of them and from the short ABC promos I've seen on YouTube, I believe they will do a memorable job (though beating Hugh Jackman's performance two years ago will be somewhat hard).
If you recognized this post's title/first line, you can tell I couldn't help but think about All About Eve. I've been thinking about this movie lately for several reasons, and particularly now because it's awards season.  I came across two scenes which I want to share.  The first one that came to mind is actually the end scene, which I love for it's acting, art direction, and because its depiction of reality gives me the chills.
The second one is Margo Channing's monologue, I had almost forgotten what an INCREDIBLE piece of acting that was (Bette Davis, we love you).
So here they are, I'll leave you to them while I continue to resist eating the (surprise) fabulous cupcakes I  had made for tonight and that my friends should -hopefully- get to taste.

Only a few more hours to go. Enjoy.

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